Saturday, February 7, 2015

Dark & Defiant

There really is something about New York that makes you want to wear black all the time. 

It's funny, because in high school my wardrobe was almost exclusively made up of whites & creams. In fact, by senior year my friends started staging interventions every time I tried to purchase yet another ivory cardigan or eggshell colored dress.

Regardless, I've fully embraced the whole all black/too cool for colors vibe. Mostly because for whatever reason, my black clothes are what fit best right now. My usual array of high-waisted white skater skirts and colorful tops were all purchased during skinnier summer until my nightly trips to the gym start to make a difference, I'll probably stick to wearing what's comfortable, which just so happens to be all of my black clothing items. Go figure.

(American Apparel hat, Free People kimono cardigan, Jane the Savage lipstick)

Did anyone notice that I'm wearing green lipstick?? 

I never ever thought I'd ever try anything besides red lipstick! 
These photos were actually taken in the bathroom (super cool, I know) during a photo shoot for Chanele Hemphill's upcoming lipstick line Jane the Savage. Chanele's a fellow Kappa at NYU and invited quite a few of us to help out with her awesome photo shoot. 

Make sure to keep an eye out for the launch! From what I've seen so far, the photos (and models!) are spectacular. Except for the photos of me. I look like a dead potato. But I did get to wear a cool tree crown thing so there's that.

Anyway, this outfit I'm wearing is actually one of my favorite go-to ensembles. It's casual chic enough to transition from class, to work, to out with friends, and obviously NYU bathrooms (best place to take photos, FYI).

I absolutely adore the Free People kimono cardigan I'm wearing here. Free People is hella expensive but I managed to score this beauty on sale for less than $50 (thank you Jesus). The embroidery adds a bit of whimsy and really livens up what would otherwise be a plain kimono cardigan. And of course, the black makes it easy to match with basically everything else hanging in my closet.

When wearing monochrome outfits, it's important to play up textures and accessories. Here I'm wearing a crystal and gold design statement necklace from Francesca's Collection- honestly, if you're looking for affordable jewelry that doesn't look cheap, Francesca's is the place to go. The necklace in the above picture is perfect for all-black outfits because the crystal stones have a subtle shine that doesn't clash with the blackness of what I'm wearing. If your jewelry is too gold or silver, it'll start to look tacky, and nobody wants that.

I haven't been able to decide if I like this hat, I feel like the rim isn't as wide as it should be. 
I usually avoid hats though, since I have such a big head it's hard to find hats that actually look attractive on me. 

The brown boots I'm wearing are from Steve Madden and are ridiculously comfortable. Plus they're stretchy, which is critical when you have calves like mine (curses high school me for running cross country and track). 

I know people say you shouldn't wear black with brown, but I think that's bullshit. I almost always pair black outfits with brown shoes and the result is a classy combination that isn't overdone or boring. Honestly, all of these supposed 'rules of fashion' are meant to be broken.

Anyway, if you're looking for a comfortable and versatile look, all-black outfits with a pair of comfy boots are definitely the way to go.

I like to pair A-line dresses with loose kimonos or cardigans- instantly fashionable, with infinite amount of space for the extra stomach flub you're still trying to work off before spring break. Or maybe I'm the only one with that problem. Damnit.

Stay warm, everyone! I'll be battling the slushy streets of NYC this weekend and trying not to fall.

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