Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Coffee Shop Addiction: La Colombe

La Colombe is a scary, scary coffee shop to go for the first time. 

To begin with, there's no menu- you've just gotta know your order. For those of you actually addicted to coffee, this is no big deal. But for newbies like me who just recently started frequenting coffee shops (mostly for the Instagram posts, I can admit that), the lack of a menu is pretty damn intimidating. Today I just stuck to ordering a latte (to stay), as well as a chocolate croissant because I'm taking the 'Treat Yo Self 2017" movement very seriously (to the dismay of my poor sad wallet).

I couldn't get a table at La Colombe, every seat was taken. It's a pretty popular place for NYU students and other East Villagers to stop by with their Macbooks in tow. I just stood at this one huge communal table La Colombe has tucked into a corner- it wasn't so bad. I still managed to Snap chat/Instagram/read a short story draft I'm workshopping for my creative writing class.

Side note: I love my creative writing class. To the point that I'm considering switching majors. I had a small breakdown while walking after class with my friend Gabby, it basically consisted of me shouting, "I love writing!! And I'm good at it! I know what I'm doing in class and people actually want to hear what I have to say!! And I enjoy all of it!!! What did I even do for the past year and a half at NYU??? Should I have just gone to Emerson?????" (my top 2 college choices were NYU for Liberal Studies and Emerson College's writing program- MAYBE I WOULD BE A FAMOUS AUTHOR BY NOW). Sooooooo yeah, I've got some figuring out to do. On the bright side, my parents support this 100% which is very relieving :)

Obligatory shot of my lovely latte on La Colombe's gorgeous marble counter:

I really love the decor of La Colombe- it's an authentically New York coffee shop.

Later, when I was walking back to take a nice nap, I saw this message scrawled across a brick wall near my apartment building and stopped to take a picture of it. I was pretty sad after reading this. It made me think of that Paulo Coelho quote though- 

"So, I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you,". 

I'd like to believe that one day we all find the people we're missing. Sorry for being sentimental, with Valentine's Day coming up I've been pretty down. This time last year was when the relationship I was in started to crumble and really fall apart. Still makes me sad, but I should stop giving so much thought to someone who probably barely thinks of me anymore (this may not be true but it's what I gotta tell myself to get through the day. And night. ok I'm pretty sad I'm going to stop writing now).

One last thing- I have a surprise coming soon!! Thanks to my super talented roommate and sometimes best friend Sunwoo Chae :) I can't wait for you guys to see it! I'm very nervous and worried about it but I think it could be a really good thing so I'm just going to go for it.

Stay warm!! xx

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