Saturday, February 21, 2015

Brunching: Jack's Wife Freda (Carmine St.)

I'm a big fan of brunch.
First of all, most of- okay, all of- my days start roughly around 1pm. Which means by the time I wake up, breakfast has come and gone, lunch has been eaten by most of the general human population, and if I want to get a meal in before dinner comes swinging around, I better go get some brunch.

So yeah, brunch is a very big part of my life and I consider myself an amateur brunch aficionado. (Note: this is actually helpful when meeting ~sophisticated~ bitches at fashion events. All ya gotta do is name drop your fav overpriced brunch joints and suddenly you're part of the cool crowd because you clearly have fabulous taste in life if you eat eggs Benedict at The Winslow, duh)

That all being said, my absolute number 1 favorite brunch place is Jack's Wife Freda. 
How often I frequent Jack's Wife Freda is a legitimate running joke among my friends at NYU- honestly, once you've eaten here, it's very hard to return to eating anything else.

You've probably seen pictures of the food from this trendy restaurant on Instagram- marble tables, giant printed menus that double as placemats, artfully placed assortments of brunch fare- yep, that's Jack's Wife Freda. Example from my most recent trip:

(Top: Mediterranean Breakfast with scrambled eggs, Bottom: Eggs Benny)

I went to brunch with my roommate, and decided to order something new. I've always gotten the Mediterranean Breakfast: 2 eggs any style, chopped salad, labne, avocado and pita bread. It's delicious, fresh, and I definitely recommend trying this masterpiece. However, I've eaten it about 5 times now and although I still love it, I want to broaden my (brunching) horizons.

So this time, oh this time, I got the Eggs Benny: 2 poached eggs over potato latkes, smoked salmon and beet hollandaise. I died a little from how good eating this was. The potato latkes are crisp, the perfect base for the smoked salmon, and the beet hollandaise just blends everything together harmoniously. 

I even ordered an extra side of potato latkes (only $6! Totally worth it)

My roommate got scrambled eggs with her Mediterranean Breakfast because she's new to this. Loser. (Kidding, I love you. Please wash your dishes.)
I stick to ordering poached eggs when I get the Mediterranean, because Jack's Wife Freda absolutely kills it when it comes to poached eggs. Ugh, I'm craving brunch now.

I may or may not end up at Jack's Wife Freda again sometime soon.
Hey, Momma Kim always said I need to make sure I eat breakfast at college. This is close enough.

Happy brunching to everyone! xx

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  1. Hi there! Loved your post on Jack's Wife Freda and was hoping to ask you a question via email about your blog. Could you let me know where to reach you? Thanks!