Monday, February 9, 2015

Black is Still the New Black

Right by the East Village streets that NYU claims as a makeshift campus is this one street everyone loves to take pictures at. The apartments are all adorably chic, and you almost feel like you're walking in the streets of Paris or another European city. It's one of my favorite places to walk by when I need a break from the hustle and bustle of NYC- the street's sectioned off with a gate, making it a perfect sanctuary. Plus, it looks great on your snapstory (always an important factor~).

Today I wore a typical New Yorker ensemble: black leggings, black coat, black scarf, & a black hat. I'm wearing a magenta shift dress underneath my black armor, and it peeks out, offering a nice splash of color and reassuring strangers that no, I am not on my way to a funeral.

(London Fog coat, Cotton On dress, Kate Spade rain boots)

Anyone who knows me well or sees me on a frequent basis knows that I love this scarf. It's from Lucky Brand and I pretty much wear it every day- the gold embroidery and beading adds a sophisticated touch to what would otherwise be just a plain outfit, nothing too memorable.

God, I really need to get a hair cut. And dye it. My mom wanted me to get my hair cut over winter break but like an idiot I refused. It's funny, the older you get the more you realize that your mom is, in fact, always right. SORRY I NEVER LISTEN I LOVE YOU MOM.

I love these rain boots from Kate Spade, one of my friends actually recommended them to me after purchasing them earlier this year. I hate how uncomfortable traditional rain boots are and am so relieved to have found a pair that cut off at my ankles- it's significantly more comfortable and less cumbersome. It's very difficult to run to class in knee high rubber monstrosities, and with me, I'm always running to class because I've overslept/procrastinated/just didn't want to leave my bed.

I would definitely recommend these rain boots, except for the fact that they're nearly always sold out. When they're available online or in store, ya gotta snap them up.

Also, I'm hoping to start making more style posts on a regular basis. I've been posting one every Saturday but am considering amping that up to maybe every other day, and to also add in more variety (aka I will try to stop with this all black nonsense- who have I become??). And it'll definitely give me more motivation to try to be presentable for more of my classes...

Hope everyone's staying warm!! Two of my best friends are stuck in snow at Boston right now. I don't think Daniella's had to go to class in over a week, lucky betch.

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