Saturday, January 24, 2015

Winter Bliss

(white Michael Kors coat, black Lucky Brand scarf with gold embroidery)

I love the wintertime, mostly because it means I get to wear coats and scarves all the time. And then I step outside and realize how cold it actually is. Regardless, winter fashion is still a favorite of mine. Like c'mon, it's the easiest time of the year to hide the weight you gained from the holidays- packing a few extra pounds from that crazy Christmas dinner? Throw on a thick tailored coat, loop a scarf around your neck, and BAM. Nobody can see the extra chins that sprouted during winter break or the muffin top you've been nurturing since Thanksgiving. This method only backfires once you get indoors and have no reason to be bundled up. Clearly, the only real solution is to stay at home and watch Netflix until school starts (which is totally not what I did) (for sure) (hah).

~I flip my hair back & forth~

I come from a small town in suburban New Jersey, the typical kind you see in movies. Every stereotype is 100% true (most old folks are racist, rivalries between high school sports teams are life & death, and everyone knows EVERYONE).

Anyway, it's the last place you'd expect to find a wildlife reserve. And yet, one exists. My friends and I came to our town's wildlife reserve after seeing a post about it in the town's Facebook group (yes this is a real thing). There's a river (currently frozen) and endless fields of plants that look like wheat but I know they're not wheat...I just don't know what they actually are. It's a beautiful hidden gem in a place otherwise made up of shopping malls and restaurants.

(the infamous Daniella Forero trying to fix my hair)

Looking into the distance dramatically.

(Steve Madden boots, American Apparel hat)

White coats are great for standing out in the sea of grey & black coats most people rely upon during this icy time of the year. The only downside is the dry cleaning bill you pick up at the end of your stylish adventures.

Also, a big thank you to Clare Gomes for taking these pictures in the freezing cold! You're the best.

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