Saturday, January 24, 2015

(Official) Welcome!!!

Hey everyone!

I'm Irene, a sophomore at NYU studying fashion and living in the city that never sleeps. I come from the mean streets of suburban New Jersey and hope to be a fashion designer one day. I love writing, eating great food, and snapchatting everything I do (not sorry).

Thank you for checking out my blog. I started out intending to create a style blog because I love fashion (and going to school for it) but realized I wanted to include more than just outfit posts.
This is where you'll find anecdotes about living in the craziness that is New York, stories about life as a college student (what's up, NYU?), and pictures of food (+ reviews of restaurants) because I go out to eat. A lot.

And of course, outfit pictures and other fashion-related posts. If you like lace, gold jewelry, & high waisted skirts, this is the place for you. 

Hopefully you'll enjoy reading my posts and maybe even find some inspiration.

New York is an incredible place, one where adventures are always guaranteed. I've got funny stories, outfits to share, and a love for writing.

So here is the result, a blog showcasing the topsy-turvy snapshots of a small town girl doing relatively cool things in NYC in the midst of a love affair with classy clothes and delicious food.

Hit it.

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