Saturday, January 31, 2015

Comfy & Casual

You know what the best kind of outfits are? The ones you can sleep in. This is also a (nearly) foolproof way to get to class on time- my class schedule this semester includes a 9:30 *shudders in horror*, a monstrosity I haven't had to face since first semester freshman year. And having moved from Washington Square Park (unofficial NYU campus) down to Union Square, I've added a ghastly ten entire minutes to my commute to class. So clearly, time is of the essence these days. (I'm trying really, really hard to no longer be the crazy girl running down NYC sidewalks knocking people down while trying to make it to class on time) (It's not the best reputation to have).And so this is the sneaky solution I've been employing: sleeping in my outfits.

(DKNY anorak, PINK crew neck, H&M necklace)

The key to this comfy and casual look is choosing materials that are essentially wrinkle-proof, and of course, comfortable. Leggings are my go-to becayse 1) I never wear pants and 2) they keep your legs warm while you fall asleep during this cold, cold winter.

My favorite top to pair with leggings is the cliche yet worthy oversized crew neck. Soft and loose, you'll have no problem going to bed wearing one, and the material is usually supple enough to maintain a wrinkle-free look.

So when you wake up, all you have to do is wash your face/brush your teeth (ideally) (I mean it's up to you but personal hygiene is a good thing my friend), add a cute necklace, throw on some booties, and leave for class with enough time to grab a bagel from a street cart.

Sidenote: Longchamp bags are basically the college equivalent of Mary Poppin's magical purse- they can fit EVERYTHING and can survive being thrown on the ground after an exhausting day of classes. Plus they're casually chic and match nearly every outfit. Swag.

If it's comfy enough to sleep in, it's comfy enough to get you through a day of classes and maybe even a subway trip down to a cute coffee shop.

   Pretty coffee is the best kind of coffee.

(The Elk, NYC)

Hope everyone's having a good weekend! 

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