Sunday, January 25, 2015

Back to Black: The New Yorker

 There's this idea that New Yorkers have a tendency to wear all black because we're soulless / too cool (or unhappy) to wear colors.

Regardless of the status of one's soul, all black outfits are an easy way to achieve a sophisticated yet simple look.

 (Ellen Tracy trenchcoat, H&M sheer black embroidered top, Forever 21 black satin skirt)

Don't be intimidated by black. I used to hate black, I avoided wearing it completely aside from a pair of leggings. Once upon a time, my entire wardrobe was entirely made up of whites and creams. After more than a year of living in New York though, I have a whole new appreciation for black. Either that or I lost my soul when I made the transition from Jersey girl to New Yorker.

(Ironically, these photos were taken in my backyard in New Jersey)

One of the best things about black clothing is that black clothes are easy to make look expensive. Which is perfect for those of us on a modest budget but cursed with the taste of a billionaire heiress.

For this outfit, I wore a sheer black top from H&M (score!) with embroidery. This added texture and personality to my otherwise monochromatic look. Having different textures is the key to keep an all black outfit from being boring.

I tucked the top into a high-waisted black satin skirt from Forever 21 (ayyy) to create a classic silhouette and finished off the look with an Ellen Tracy (stolen from my momma) trench coat. 

Trench coats add an easy air of sophistication and are also a lot of fun to play around with (example pictured below):


And of course, accessories play a big part in this outfit. Here I'm wearing one of my favorite statement necklaces from Francesca's Collection. The basic design and neutral color enhance the all-black outfit rather than distract from it.

For shoes I stuck to my reliable Vince Camuto booties. These babies are sturdy and suprisingly comfortable, carrying me through the various streets and sidewalks of New York City and remaining strong.

I know most people veer away from wearing black on black unless going to a funeral, but it's an easy look to put together that can be very fashion forward. I love pairing gold jewelry (Anne Klein watch pictured below) as well as neutral-colored statement pieces with all black outfits because the black essentially creates a basic canvas for you to work with. Wearing black allows you to be more creative with your accessories and fabric textures without overdoing it.

And now I'll end this post with this gem of a photo:

This is what I look like in most photos, actually. Which is why I usually crop out my face for outfit pictures. 

Peace, love, swag.

PC: "Carlos"

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