Saturday, January 31, 2015

Hello, is it me you're looking for?

The other day at my work study job, I realized that the posts that would be most interesting to readers are also the ones that could:

  1. get me arrested
  2. get me fired
  3. offend the people in my life
Which is pretty damn conflicting. I want to be transparent and share the ridiculousness of my life here, but I also don't want to do any of the above things. Except maybe the offending people in my life part, I probably do that on a daily basis without even realizing it (shout out to my ex boyfriends).

But anyway, the point is I'm going to try to find the line between sharing too much (but oh boy those posts would blow your minds away) and writing posts that ring more like a vague gossip column than a blog about me.

Let's see how this goes.

Treat Yo Self: Umami Burger

Shake Shack is the current reigning king of burgers on the East coast, but one day Umami Burger will take the title. The truffle burger from this place is honestly the greatest burger you will ever eat. Every time I take somebody new here, they agree. Nothing compares to Umami Burger.

Comfy & Casual

You know what the best kind of outfits are? The ones you can sleep in. This is also a (nearly) foolproof way to get to class on time- my class schedule this semester includes a 9:30 *shudders in horror*, a monstrosity I haven't had to face since first semester freshman year. And having moved from Washington Square Park (unofficial NYU campus) down to Union Square, I've added a ghastly ten entire minutes to my commute to class. So clearly, time is of the essence these days. (I'm trying really, really hard to no longer be the crazy girl running down NYC sidewalks knocking people down while trying to make it to class on time) (It's not the best reputation to have).And so this is the sneaky solution I've been employing: sleeping in my outfits.

(DKNY anorak, PINK crew neck, H&M necklace)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Treat Yo Self: Crazy for Cronuts

One day I will tell my grandchildren about how I survived trudging through the slushy streets of New York at the break of dawn during the height of winter to get my hands on NYC's most sought after treat: 
Dominique Ansel's cronut


 January's Cronut Flavor: Caramelized Malt Valrhona Milk Chocolate with Maldon Salt

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Back to Black: The New Yorker

 There's this idea that New Yorkers have a tendency to wear all black because we're soulless / too cool (or unhappy) to wear colors.

Regardless of the status of one's soul, all black outfits are an easy way to achieve a sophisticated yet simple look.

 (Ellen Tracy trenchcoat, H&M sheer black embroidered top, Forever 21 black satin skirt)

Saturday, January 24, 2015

(Official) Welcome!!!

Hey everyone!

I'm Irene, a sophomore at NYU studying fashion and living in the city that never sleeps. I come from the mean streets of suburban New Jersey and hope to be a fashion designer one day. I love writing, eating great food, and snapchatting everything I do (not sorry).

Thank you for checking out my blog. I started out intending to create a style blog because I love fashion (and going to school for it) but realized I wanted to include more than just outfit posts.
This is where you'll find anecdotes about living in the craziness that is New York, stories about life as a college student (what's up, NYU?), and pictures of food (+ reviews of restaurants) because I go out to eat. A lot.

And of course, outfit pictures and other fashion-related posts. If you like lace, gold jewelry, & high waisted skirts, this is the place for you. 

Hopefully you'll enjoy reading my posts and maybe even find some inspiration.

New York is an incredible place, one where adventures are always guaranteed. I've got funny stories, outfits to share, and a love for writing.

So here is the result, a blog showcasing the topsy-turvy snapshots of a small town girl doing relatively cool things in NYC in the midst of a love affair with classy clothes and delicious food.

Hit it.

Winter Bliss

(white Michael Kors coat, black Lucky Brand scarf with gold embroidery)

I love the wintertime, mostly because it means I get to wear coats and scarves all the time. And then I step outside and realize how cold it actually is. Regardless, winter fashion is still a favorite of mine. Like c'mon, it's the easiest time of the year to hide the weight you gained from the holidays- packing a few extra pounds from that crazy Christmas dinner? Throw on a thick tailored coat, loop a scarf around your neck, and BAM. Nobody can see the extra chins that sprouted during winter break or the muffin top you've been nurturing since Thanksgiving. This method only backfires once you get indoors and have no reason to be bundled up. Clearly, the only real solution is to stay at home and watch Netflix until school starts (which is totally not what I did) (for sure) (hah).

Thursday, January 15, 2015

How to Gain the Sophomore 70: Seasons 52 Edition

Let's be real: everyone is warned about the freshmen 15 (aka gaining 15 pounds your freshmen year of college), but the sophomore 70 is much more riveting, and not just because I made it up.

The How to Gain the Sophomore 70 series will review the different restaurants and cafes I try eating at (for the sake of writing, not my own gluttonous pleasure! i swear) (hah) and offer steps/advice so that you too can gain 70 pounds with me!

For my very first edition of How to Gain the Sophomore 70, I went to Seasons 52 (Edison, NJ) with two old friends from highschool- Anika and Arun. Seasons 52 is an upscale American restaurant with pretty great food that changes seasonally. The menu switches every few months and creates new dishes based on seasonally fresh ingredients, and I've never been disappointed eating here.

Step 1: Eat out as often as possible. Go with your closest friends so that you can all order massive entrees and share, ensuring that an ungodly amount of food will be consumed. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


(H&M white tulle dress, Free People embroidered kimono, DVF sunglasses, Forever 21 red heels)