Saturday, December 26, 2015

An Ode to Dough Donuts

Imagine this: it's finals week and you're exhausted. You haven't showered in an ungodly number of days, you're wearing the same clothes you've slept in all week, and you can't figure out why your left eye keeps twitching.

It's a rough time and you're inching closer and closer towards hitting rock bottom. You've already missed your shift at work because you couldn't wake up and now you've also slept most of the day away. It's dark out and a rapidly growing feeling of anxiety is inducing a mild panic attack about whether you're going to pass your all-important finals.

And then, your phone lights up. It's a text from your sorority sisters.

"We need dough doughnuts! Help!"

What? Doughnuts? Ah, they want you to bring them to the library where they've been stuck for the past 2345687590 hours. Do you do it? You haven't even gotten anything done yet today and Dough is WAY out of the way for you. But it's Dough, so of course you do it. That's how good it is.

This was the scenario I found myself in roughly a week ago when I was finishing up the semester and my friends sent me an SOS for Dough doughnuts. To be honest, Dough doughnuts are pretty damn delicious and is high key photogenic so of course I jump at any opportunity to get a whole bunch of them and this was no exception, even with my sleep deprivation and overall laziness. Which I understand seems a little insane, but c'mon, just look at them:

Monday, December 14, 2015

Holiday Outfits: Twirling in Tulle

Hello, it's me. I've been excessively MIA these past two months but I'm back now!
As the holiday season unfurls into full swing, festive outfits become an increasingly important necessity for parties, dinners, and of course, Instagram posts. My personal favorite thing to wear to Christmas parties and other winter festivities is a tulle skirt. It's full, it's fun, and you look like a ballerina princess while you twirl around. Now that the semester's winding down, I'll be posting a few more holiday outfit ideas for y'all- so today, here's a simple way to style a tulle skirt this holiday season!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Wow, it's been awhile since I've posted anything on here. If I'm being honest, school has been kicking my butt. The past two months have been a blur of homework, class, staying up to finish more homework, more class, writing papers, being tired all the time. Now that the semester's winding down though, I definitely feel more grounded and like myself again. I totally missed posting during November so here's a quick little update on how my Thanksgiving went :)

(My little sister & me being cool)

Meet my Little!!!

I officially have a little! This post is long overdue but I'm so happy to share that I have a perfect and amazing little who I've loved since before she joined Kappa. I actually met Acacia at Meet the Greeks, a tabling event way back in September before formal recruitment started where each organization had members set up at a table to talk to potential new members. The auditorium was way too crowded and loud, so I definitely didn't hear Acacia's name when she introduced herself but we had a nice little chat and I was happy to notice that she stuck around the Kappa table even when Panhel and IGC made announcements that people needed to keep circulating around the room. When I got home that night I told my roommate about the adorable and cool girl I'd briefly met and tried not to get my hopes up that she would go Kappa. Fast forward through recruitment and to Bid Day when I excitedly checked the Bid List to find her name and made sure to be her Bid Day Buddy. I have high key been obsessed with Acacia from the very beginning and my friends have pages of text messages to (sometimes embarrassingly) prove it. Here's a cute picture of us before Kappa's Semi Formal last night!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Brunching: bluestone lane collective cafe

Australian cafes are taking NYC by storm and I for one am not complaining. Aside from the staff's adorable accents, the food is 10000% on fleek. Amazing. Of these many Aussie cafes, Bluestone Lane Collective Cafe is definitely my top choice, every time. I've had the best avocado toast of my life here.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Procrastinating in Pink

Supposedly it's officially fall but it definitely doesn't feel like it. I honestly never know what to wear these days- is it hot?? Is it cold?? Is there a hurricane???? In an attempt to outsmart this insane weather, I've been sticking to simple looks that can be layered as the weather fluctuates aka a flowy uniform of dresses, kimonos, and sturdy booties.

(Brandy Melville dress, print kimono,CROWN booties)

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

nyc eats: chobani soho

Did you know Chobani has a restaurant / cafe thing??? I didn't. It's in SoHo and AMAZING. I'm obsessed and sad to be too broke to go every day- not that that's ever stopped me...There's fresh toppings, yummy sandwiches, and refreshing drinks, all served on chic wooden boards. It's taking all my willpower to not run back for another glass bowl of Greek yogurt and a 16oz cold brew. Ugh.

Back to School Basics

School's started which means it's time to break out a new wardrobe. Hopefully, without breaking your bank account. My favorite basic clothing item is the T-shirt dress because it's so amazingly versatile. In today's post, I dress up my T-shirt dress with a black kimono and simple gold jewelry. Easy, breezy, basic.

Monday, August 24, 2015

NYC Eats: The Pavilion

My newest favorite restaurant in NYC is The Pavilion, located right in Union Square. It's an outdoor pavilion that's been converted into a restaurant and is known for its fresh entrees, largely made with the produce sold in the Union Square Market. I've come here twice now and both experiences have been very pleasant ones- The Pavilion is the perfect place to stop by and enjoy a delicious meal while watching the hustle and bustle of Union Square and sitting in a luxurious marble pavilion, surrounded by lush greenery and bright, colorful table settings.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Back in Black

It's another beautiful day in NYC and the perfect time to go exploring with friends. My favorite little hurricane of a person (Daniella) (who just turned twenty!!) (Ah!!!) set off on a short adventure in Brooklyn. We wanted to check out the glass house / carousel that's been popping up on our Instagram feeds (no shame) and although it took us awhile, we ended up having a great time. Today's adventuring ensemble kept things simple with a black shift dress from Brandy Melville paired with eye-catching heels and a gold pendant from H&M.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

True life: I live on a farm

Despite being from the suburbs of Central Jersey, an area filled with giant malls and townhouses, my grandmother has managed to turn our backyard into a gigantic garden reminiscent of a farm somewhere in Middle America. Anyway, despite the recent surprise of finding out I was being stalked by an ex's new girlfriend (what's up, babe?) I wanted to share some photos of my backyard with you guys. Cause true life, I live on a farm (sort of).

I've definitely inherited my grandmother's love of gardening and would absolutely love to cover my apartment balcony with blooming violets and Instagram-able succulents- if I wasn't moving to the Kappa penthouse at the end of August, I definitely would've already rang up a bill at Home Depot. Cool story, when my grandma lived in Korea, her family owned a whole bunch of land and my grandma would prepare meals for all the workers. Which explains why she cooks industrial amounts of food everyday, as well as how and why a medium-ish backyard in the surburbs became a makeshift farm. It's pretty cool having fresh vegetables come straight from our backyard into the kitchen- and it saves me a lot of money, heh. Definitely looking forward to going home later this weekend and spending time with my family, and hanging out in our lovely backyard of course.

(Brooklyn) Brunching: Sotto Voce

Like most NYUers, I think of Brooklyn as a distant land somewhere in the far corner of New York too far to be relevant to me. I know Brooklyn's a cool place, I've ended up at a few warehouse / art parties throughout my 2 years here but for the most part, Brooklyn isn't somewhere I intentionally set out to go. This has changed, however, since my friend Matt introduced me to an amazing bottomless brunch in, of all places, Brooklyn. Up until now my brunching adventures have been limited to SoHo/Union Square and even a few spots in good old Jersey. This was before I tasted the affordable amazingness that is Sotto Voce- at $18.95 for a hearty weekend brunch at an authentic Italian restaurant that includes an entree, bread, pound cake, and bottomless mimosas or bloody marys (if you're 21, of course), brunch in this Brooklyn eatery is a steal.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ice Cream Party

I feel really blessed to still be so close with my high school best friends. It's true that college changes things and people, but I'm a strong believer in that when you meet people worth keeping around, you should keep them around. I think this quote from How I Met Your Mother sums it up best:

"You will be shocked when you discover how easy it is in life to part ways with people forever. That's why when you find someone you want to keep around, you do something about it." 

Anyway, I had a perfect summer afternoon with my best friends Anika and Noor. We were actually heading to dinner when an ice cream truck caught our eyes. After a quick flurry of "can we" "should we" "LIVE A LITTLE", we each got a delicious treat to enjoy while strolling downtown. This summer has been significantly more difficult to make plans with friends because we're now semi-adults with jobs and long days and wow I wish I could go back in time. Regardless, I'm glad Anika, Noor, and I got to have this lovely sugar-filled day together.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Brooklyn Beauty

I don't like to sweat, so when the city's steamy I like to hide out in my apartment and watch Netflix from the safety of my very comfy bed. Most weekends I head home to Jersey to escape the unbearable heat trapped between the skyscrapers of Manhattan and float around in my pool while eating the crazy good burgers my sister makes. This past weekend though, I delayed my journey through the terrible tourist trap better known as Times Square and visited the Brooklyn Bridge with some great friends. It was surprisingly lovely out and I loved being able to break out my trusty black kimono again. Exploring the city on my own is always fun but exploring it with close friends is an adventure. I put together an all neutrals look that could transition flawlessly from climbing the Brooklyn Bridge to having a nice dinner with colleagues shortly afterward.

(H&M kimono, AE lace tank top, F21 skirt, IMPO sandals)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Brunching: The Egg Shop

Located inside the fashionable heart of Soho, The Egg Shop is a hidden treasure for brunch fanatics everywhere. I've been meaning to try this lovely little spot since earlier this spring but have been putting it off because dieting/broke/lazy/it gets really hot in NYC in the summer and I don't want to leave my air conditioned apartment. But finally I got my butt onto the subway and into a cozy corner table at The Egg Shop with a good friend before he heads back to California in August. And it was amazing x10000000, ugh I can still taste the eggs Benedict...The Egg Shop is officially my new favorite brunch spot and I have every intention of going again- lucky for me, it's super super close to where I'll be living during the school year aka I can totally stop by everyday before class, heh.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Summery Stripes

If I'm being honest, my favorite type of clothes is the kind I can fall asleep in and run to work/class/the train station the next morning in. Which is why this summer, I've fallen completely in love with T-shirt dresses- oversized enough to hide that stubborn roll of belly fat that just won't go away, comfortable enough to wear while adventuring, and flattering enough to become a dependable part of your wardrobe, T-shirt dresses are a valuable necessity for any fashionista.

(American Eagle T-shirt dress, Ray Ban aviators, Steve Madden bag, DV platforms)

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Independence Day, America! And a big apology to anyone who isn't American and suffering through the endless #Merica pride posts taking over Facebook and Instagram. There's no day injected with more patriotism than the Fourth of July and there's no better day to be American (yes we have our flaws but today is about freedom!! *cue bald eagles flying in a perfect blue sky*) Fireworks, hot dogs, and American flag decor are the typical accessories to this glorious day but I decided to change it up a bit this year. My family hosted our usual Fourth of July pool party and this year I contributed an American flag made of fruit kabobs. Light, delicious, & very American despite being healthy.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

La Buena Vida

I've gotta say, the food in Cancun was amazing. I may or may not have planned on losing weight during my week-long beach excursion, but that hypothetical plan most definitely shattered to pieces once I caught sight of the bountiful resort buffet. Mexican food has always been my favorite- I will literally mix pico de gallo with sour cream and devour it like it's a freshly opened container of Greek yogurt. And don't get me started on roasted corn with cilantro, mmmmph. Needless to say, Mexico treated me very well this past week.

Now I'm back home in Jersey relaxing on the deck outside, waiting for my pool's renovation to be completed so I can float around like the lazy mermaid I am. I'll be heading back to my NYC apartment tomorrow night, but for now I'm going to sit back, enjoy my mom's fantastic cooking, and even catch up with a few close friends.

Life is pretty good.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Lost in Cancun

Okay, okay- I know I've been slacking off with posting on here. I just kept pushing off each week's post to the next week, and the next...and then I was in Mexico. Beautiful, amazing Cancun. Azure stretches of roaring waves reaching to kiss white sand shores, tall palm trees heavy with ripe coconuts. My week in Cancun was like disappearing from the world and into a secret paradise. For those of you who have read Eat Pray Love, this was the 'Pray' part of my life? Life journey? Something.

I remember last summer my best friend Daniella first read Elizabeth Gilbert's novel and freaked out, demanding that I read it immediately because the narrator was just like me. After scoffing and rolling my eyes, I started reading Eat Pray Love and was startled by how alike I am with Elizabeth, the author. When reading a book, I think we always search for pieces of ourselves in the characters but with Eat Pray Love, it was as if all of my innermost thoughts and secrets and feelings had been stripped from my mind and laid out on paper. I won't spoil the book, because I definitely recommend reading it but basically the author splits the novel into three sections: Eat, which covers her time in Italy spent indulging herself, Pray, which is about Elizabeth's experiences in India and generally about healing, and Love, which is about well, love. I did the 'Eat' part this past year in New York- I don't think there's a brunch place in the city I've left untouched.

And I've never been on to leave something unfinished, so during the plane ride to Mexico earlier this week, I resolved to actually make a change in my life. I haven't been doing much, if I'm honest. I've just been existing, clutching onto the past as a life raft and avoiding even dipping my toes into the future. So I lived out my version of 'Pray',  coming to terms with what's done and also uncovering what I want for myself from now on. I think I'm finally building a life for myself.

 All's well that ends well.  And now I know what I want.

Hope everyone's enjoying the sun!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Cronut Cravings

This post is embarrassingly overdue but I've been lazy. About two weeks ago, I woke up at the crack of dawn with my good friend Matt to get cronuts at Dominique Ansel. Totally worth it. May's flavor was Sweet Clementine Ricotta and I've gotta say, it was absolutely exquisite.

Thursday, June 4, 2015


I'm a proud East Coast gal. However, I will always appreciate the effortlessly chic and cool style of the West Coast. Flowing hemlines, bright prints- Cali girls know how to channel the stylishly relaxed vibes of sunny beach days and the high buzz energy of summertime. And so today, I present my take on 'Cali Girl Cool'.

(Forever 21 dress, H&M hat, Forever 21 bag, BCBG booties)

Monday, May 25, 2015


It's steamy out today. I avoided the worst of the heat by sleeping in until 2pm and not venturing outside until 4 when my stomach became too loud to ignore any longer. But right now, sitting in the courtyard of my building, I swear I can see the steam rising in slow tendrils from the concrete walkways. At the same time though, it's still really nice to sit outdoors and enjoy the warmth of the sun on my skin. It really feels like summer right now. According to Instagram, everyone's at the beach or at a pool party of some kind celebrating Memorial Day. Me? I'm drinking an admittedly overpriced 'skinny' smoothie from Liquiteria and rereading an old historical fiction novel about Nerfertari, a Queen of Egypt best remembered for being really, really loved by her husband. Home girl had an entire temple dedicated to her. Now that's #RelationshipGoals.

Side note: I was going through old photos last night- no, not because I'm sentimental (okay I am) but because my phone was 10000% out of storage and so photos needed to be deleted, and the most important discovery I made was that I am at least three shades lighter than I was at this exact time last year. How was I always so tan???? What am I doing wrong??? I swear, all I did last year was stay in bed and yet here I am now, frolicking around NYC and running by the Hudson, paler than ever. I feel like I'm slacking off now. Oh well, I'll be sure to lay out by my pool when I start visiting home on the weekends. This weekend I'll be heading off to the Hamptons for my great grand big's graduation party (congratulations, Emily!!!) so I'm looking forward to finding a big white hat to wear and maybe a floaty sundress wrap thing. And hopefully scarfing down burgers- I am trying to cut down on the eating this summer though. Gotta get that bikini bod back, ya know?

Speaking of bikinis, I also just ordered a cute new bikini from Aerie- I'm so excited to be going to Cancun the last week on June. I haven't gone on a vacation since.....two years ago? Yep two years. That's how long it's been since I went to Europe with high school friends after our graduation. Those were great times...lately I've just been feeling really thankful for how many incredible experiences I've been able to have. So this is my thank you to anyone who's been a part of those experiences. Thank you.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

The NYC Trophy Wife

They say you should dress for the job you want so I spent the day dressed as a NYC trophy wife! Haha, okay not really but I think the title suits this outfit post. It was feeling more like spring than summer earlier this week and so I dusted off my trench coat and strutted around with my very best accessories. Here's how to dress as one of the pampered and stylish ladies of the Upper East Side- full disclosure: I'm living out my Gossip Girl dreams in this outfit post.

(Michael Kors trenchcoat, H&M dress, Louis Vuitton speedy bag, Anne Klein heels)

Friday, May 22, 2015


Hidden in the Lower East Side is Souvlaki GR, an incredible and authentic Greek restaurant worth checking out. I first tried Souvlaki with my sorority family and was immediately blown away by the cheap prices and delicious entrees.
If you're heading here from around the NYU area, take the 6 train to the Bleecker St. station, transfer to the F, and get off at the 2nd Ave stop. You take a short walk through the winding, eclectic streets of the Lower East Side and then at the corner of Stanton and Allen, you'll find Souvlaki GR. Nestled between two red-brick buildings, Soulvlaki GR looks like a small piece of Greece was cut out and carefully placed in NYC.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Summertime Sass

Hello, somehow spring has jumpstarted into summer and we now have 90 degree days- like whaat?!

I'm semi-officially done with school! I've just got one last paper to crank out today and then I AM A FREE WOMAN. YES. I just really love the summer, I mean most people do but there's just something so freeing even in just how the air feels. I wrote awhile ago about how weird it is that spring always feels the same, how the air smells the same and carries old memories, and the thing is, the summer smells the same way every year too. Hot steam, sunblock, coconuts, clean...I don't even know how to describe it. The point I'm trying to make though, is that despite how summer always smells the same to me, it feels different. It feels new. And that makes me really happy.

I think most of us spend the summer in bathing suits and comfy T-shirts, but here's a simple but classy look perfect for when you do want to dress up a little this summer:

(F21 lace crop top, H&M skirt, FC necklace, BCBG booties)

Becoming an Early Bird

I am awake and it is 6:46am. The last time I’ve been awake this early…was yesterday, because I was pulling an all nighter. I never wake up early. I mean, I’ve been (trying) to wake up for my 9:30am this semester but I feel like that doesn’t really count because 1) I was always dying in class and 2) I was getting 2-3 hours of sleep. I think I passed out at 8pm yesterday? Maybe even 7? Oh man, it might’ve even been 6pm. Wow.
I didn’t even do any work during that all nighter- Michelle and I were in the Kappa study room watching Shrek videos and rolling around on the floor. The filthy, disgusting floor…yeah, we don’t make the best life decisions. But you’d know that if you’re friends with either of us on Snapchat.
I had a great time though, and my last day of classes was spent in a lovely sleep deprived blur- being sleep deprived feels pretty close to being drunk, so I can’t complain. To be honest, in high school I loved running on 1-2 hours of sleep. Time goes by faster when you have no idea what’s going on, which is perfect when you’re trying to survive Calculus (PSA: I haven’t had to take a math class since high school. HAHAHAHA @ every math teacher I ever had)

I’m feeling strangely refreshed and content. My semester’s basically over, I just have a paper due Friday that I actually have ever intention of finishing today (WHO AM I ANYMORE???) (IS THIS WHAT GROWING UP FEELS LIKE??) (HELP I AM TWENTY AND EXPERIENCING PERSONAL GROWTH) which is insane because even just a month ago, I would’ve been waiting till Thursday night. Actually, scratch that. I would’ve been waiting till Friday morning, maybe afternoon depending on the deadline. I don’t even know the exact time it’s due, it doesn’t matter because I plan on being done with the paper today, maybe tomorrow at the latest. Hm. I think I may be growing up, after all.

I like how quiet the morning is, it’s just as serene as staying up until dawn but doesn’t feel as exhausting or lonely. Just quiet and peaceful. I got out of bed and after drinking a glass of water (wow, so healthy) I actually stretched. Like had a mini yoga session, and it felt great. I feel great.

Now I’m off to make a cheese omelette, work on my next outfit post, and head to the gym. Hmm, maybe I was always meant to be a morning person. When I was little, I would wake up my parents at exactly 6am everyday (God bless them for keeping me). That obviously went away once I started going to school and procrastination/insomnia kept me awake for nights on end, but now that I’ve somehow got my shit together and am a (semi) responsible adult, I think I can be that person again, the one so excited to start her day that she wakes up the world at 6am. I think that’d be real nice.

Hope everyone else is having a good morning too! Or at least getting a nice sleep in.



Sunday, May 3, 2015


Hello everyone! I'm freaking out because:
  1. it's MAY- where did this year go?? how is my sophomore year of college coming to an end???
  3. FINALS ARE THIS WEEK (look at my previous post to see how I'm preparing for this crucial academic period)
In other news, however, it's been absolutely gorgeous outside. And I'm here to show you yet another style of kimono you can rock: the fancy pants kimono. Sure, I could just call it a sequined/embroidered kimono but where's the fun in that, ya know? Today was the last formal chapter (aka weekly meeting) for KKG this semester and so I was all dressed up in lace and gold.

(F21 kimono, H&M dress, Steve Madden Wedges)

The 8 Stages of realizing you have finals

Stage 1: Shock

Oh crap, finals are this week. Shit. I haven't done any readings this semester. Wait no, I did a couple in the beginning of the semester. Totally. Alright, so finals. They're happening. Shit.

Stage 2: Confusion

Which days are my finals?? Why don't I know this? Did I even ever get a syllabus for Classical Mythology? Wait, why did I even take Classical Mythology?? The professor said we're going to have to fill out a map of ancient Greece, right? Wait, do we have a final exam for Legal Fictions or is it just a paper?

Stage 3: Anger


Stage 4: Lying to Yourself

Wait no, it's not my fault. And finals won't be that bad, I'm going to make it though this. Yeah, I got this. I know most Greek myths, Classical Mythology is going to be a piece of cake. And it's not like the Science of Happiness final is going to be hard. I don't even need to study- I should treat myself, in fact, for stressing myself out for no reason!!

Stage 5: Bargaining (with a higher being)

Dear God, I promise to be a better person if I pass my finals. I will stop stealing silverware from dining halls and I will stop drinking underage even though wine is the only thing keeping me calm right now okay wait I take back the not drinking underage part but seriously!! I will be nicer to strangers and I will try to hold the elevator for people. I will share my food with friends and jUST PLEASE HELP ME PASS MY FINALS.

Stage 6: Panic


Stage 7: Acceptance 

Okay, okay. Panicking isn't going to solve anything. Finals are going to happen even if I'm not ready for them. I can still start studying, I still have some time. I'm going to try my best and that's what counts at this point.

Stage 8: Figure out How to Escape 


(The End)

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sorority Formal aka Prom Part 2

I'll probably write an actual post on my sorority's formal later, but for now here are some pictures. And by pictures I mean here are the two I managed to remember to take.

Cherry Blossoms & Kimonos

Disclaimer: I don't think these are actually cherry blossoms but I feel like they're pretty similar so I'm just going to go with it!! #ArtisticLicense 

Despite the chilly past few days we've had, it is indeed springtime. And with springtime comes allergies, the weirdly distinctive scent of overripe (aka dying) flowers, and floral prints! (Very groundbreaking, I know).

Here is something new to try out this spring as the weather continues warming up: print kimonos.

(H&M kimono, Brandy Melville tunic, GB watch)

Sunday, April 19, 2015

City Slicker

It was gloriously sunny yesterday and I took the opportunity to unpack the rest of my spring/summer clothes from the oversized storage container stashed beneath my bed. My clothes can all breathe again! 
For some reason, it's been absolutely blowing my mind that winter has ended. It's like I can no longer comprehend the passage of time, like I cannot even try to understand how another year has come and gone. Is this what old age feels like??? Oh god, I'm only 19 and I swear sometimes it feels like I'm a divorced middle-aged housewife reminiscing about the past, drinking a glass of white wine and staring out the window and swirling a pinky inside the glass as soulful music plays in the background. Lord help me when I turn 20 in May if this is how I'm feeling now.
Anyway, here's a fun spring look perfect for the upcoming weeks of sunny days and easy living.

(H&M kimono, H&M dress, FC necklace, Calvin Klein wedges)

The Little Things

One of my favorite gelato places in the city is definitely Amorino's. It's real close to Washington Square Park, the official heart of the unofficial NYU campus that infiltrates the West Village. I recently stopped by with my good friend Gabby because well, boys suck and sometimes you need delicious and authentic gelato to recover from the struggle of being a single straight girl at NYU.

It was a lovely time, we joked about tourists, gossiped about people from back home (Gabby and I went to high school together) and of course, snapped some pics of our beautiful gelato. Amorino's is famous for their floral gelato arrangements, they even commission entire bouquets.

10/10 would always recommend!

A Night To Remember

Last night I went to the Mets Game because my sorority was having Family Weekend and our events chair scored us amazing seats. My family couldn't make it (even though they're just back in Jersey- I SEE U MOM AND DAD, I SEE U) but I still had an amazing time with my sisters and their family members.

My favorite part was the surprise fireworks show at the end of the game (the Mets won, btw, if you care about that kind of thing). I've always loved fireworks more than anything else and it made me unbelievably happy to sit inside that massive stadium while and watch what felt like an endless amount of fireworks fly into the sky and light up all around me.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Perfectly Pink

 As the days get warmer, my wardrobe gets brighter. And in the spring, pink is definitely a fun color to work with. It's pretty, it's happy, it's girly. Yesterday I put together a very light and simply look that's easy to wear as we finally leave winter behind.

(H&M scarf, Cotton On blouse, F21 skirt, H&M flats)

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Brunching: The Butcher's Daughter

Someone asked me the other day if I eat meals other than brunch, and the answer was and will always be a firm, resounding NOPE. Brunch is the only thing I ever want to eat and the only thing I will eat, aside from desserts. Why would I ever choose to do otherwise?

Today I had an amazing brunch at The Butcher's Daughter, a popular juice bar and cafe that serves brunch all day on weekends aka perfect for popping by at 3pm with friends (because nobody actually wakes up before 2 on Saturdays).

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Light & Bright

It's been a dreary couple of weeks, so you can imagine my delight when I checked Instagram Thursday morning and saw a selfie captioned with "it's going to hit 64 today!" 64 degrees, 64 glorious degrees of sunshine and happiness. And it was indeed a beautiful day, one spent lounging in Washington Square Park with friends, feeling the sun on my face and watching New York come back to life after what has felt like the longest winter yet.

Although the weather has cooled down a bit since Thursday, it's still quite lovely out and I'm excited about no longer having to pull on a pair of tights or leggings with every outfit. My legs need to breathe!! So here's my first outfit post for spring, because it's time for a fresh start.

 (Forever 21 dress, DVF sunglasses, FC necklace)