Friday, June 23, 2017

Taiyaki NYC: Unicorn Icecream

Voted the "#1 most instagrammable food in NYC" by Buzzfeed, Taiyaki NYC is a popular Japanese dessert spot serving up a classic Japanese snack with a trendy twist, combining icecream with freshly baked biscuits shaped like fish that are traditionally eaten for breakfast in Japan. The texture is similar to a soft waffle and a very tasty alternative to a regular icecream cone. Taiyaki is located right by Chinatown and Little Italy on 119 Baxter Street- it's a little small so be prepared to wait for a seat or eat outside.

We got the unicorns, aka the prettiest item on the menu at the moment- they're always adding new designs so you never know when there's going to be something prettier. Strawberry and vanilla icecream are swirled onto the fish and topped with a golden horn and ears. C'est magnifique! 10/10 definitely recommend stopping by if you're on the hunt for something cold and sweet or if you just want to update your Instagram- it's worth it.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Job Interview Season 

I had one of my first post-grad job interviews yesterday which was a little nerve wracking but also fun because I finally got to wear this ruffled sleeve dress from Zara! I spotted it while waiting at the airport in Hong Kong last month and knew I had to have it. I'm obsessed with the light blue and white pin stripe fabric and knew the cut would be flattering- I feel like you eventually get to a point where you can tell if something will look good on you and while most of the time that means I instinctively know most things won't look good on me, this was the rare time where I knew it would work. 
For my interview, I wanted to be formal without being stuffy or overdressed (I can't stand blazers) and felt confident in this look. I think it's important to look like yourself and feel good- the way I dress definitely impacts how I carry myself and so I wanted to wear something I knew I felt confident in. The dress is very light, perfect for breezing through the humid city air, and dressed up quite nicely with a pair of black patent leather heels from Michael Kors. 

(Dress: Zara, Bag: Kate Spade, Heels: Michael Kors)

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Easy, Breezy, Beach Bum

Hey look- I kept my promise about posting more regularly! Keeping this one short because it's a fairly simple summer look. I found this gorgeous blue and white floral print cover up at TJ Max (I'm really on a roll with this whole bargain shopping thing) and paired it with my handy dandy white hat from Nordstrom Rack last summer (see, I can be thrifty when I want to be, MOM). The result is a relaxed, chic ensemble perfect for roaming the beach or wearing to the pool. 

Monday, June 12, 2017

Casual in Cabo: Vacation Style

Hey hey hey, how's it going? I kind of went on an unintentional hiatus with the outfit posts (and writing on here in general) but I'm back now! I'm currently on vacation in Los Cabo, Mexico with my family and feeling like I'm in paradise everyday. I did a lot of last minute shopping before our trip (classic) and my favorite find is definitely this matching top & bottom striped set from *drum roll please* Target!! Target isn't the first place I think of when I'm on the hunt for new clothes but I love this set so much and it was only $20!! The stripes are slimming (yesss) and I love that I can also wear these pieces separately with other clothing, so it's really three outfits!

(Top & Bottom: Target, Bag: Zara)

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Winter Is Coming: Sweater Dresses & Boots

Wow. Okay. I haven't done this in awhile. It's been one of those semesters where I haven't really had a moment to just stop and breathe- as soon as whatever I had to get done finally got done, there was another thing that needed to be dealt with immediately after, and another, and now I here I am in December, nearly finished with my next to last semester at NYU. I've also been rotating in the same T-shirt dress + kimono combo for the last three months so I haven't really felt compelled to write an outfit post, but I was recently inspired after a long overdue shopping spree (thank you @ Black Friday sales!!) and here we are. I've pretty much been living in this sweater dress + military coat + over the knee boots combination- it has style, it's comfortable, and it's just edgy enough to infuse me with a little extra confidence while I run around the city like a maniac.

This black sweater dress is from Tobi and it's probably the best purchase I've ever made- the neckline is cut out to create a choker effect and let me just say, I've never felt so good in a sweater dress. I like to stick to structured waistlines and flared skirts because I think it's the most flattering cut on me but this sweater dress has changed my life. I paired it with extra long gold and crystal earrings for a fun luxe effect- I love the idea of having diamonds in my hair and this is as close as I can get (for now). 

I kept things neutral with my bag- funny story, my mom went and got this satchel in a different shade of grey so we pretty much have matching bags. I'm a huge fan of the gold hardware on this particular bag- Marc Jacob never disappoints. Even though my outfit's relatively simple, I accessorized with just a ring to keep the look from being overwhelmingly complicated.

I love pairing the sweater dress with this long dark green military style coat (Forever 21) because of the contrast between the dress length and the coat length. It's glamorous without trying too hard. And it keeps me warm! Well, warm enough anyway. Black over-the-knee boots (Public Desire) complete the look- longer boots are great for elongating your legs for a really flattering look and honestly, they really do keep your legs warm. There's also something fun about not wearing tights during the winter so I'm going to keep doing that as long as I can without freezing.


I've been able to wear this outfit to class, to work, and even out to holiday parties. It works for everything and anything- which is what you should remember when you see me wearing it every day for the next month. Alright, it's been great procrastinating but I should probably get back to the papers I should be writing. I actually finish with finals pretty soon but I'll be hanging around the city for an extra week because of work so I might end up blogging more. Who knows, it'll be a surprise. 


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Jersey Brunch Spot: The Corner

Hello hello hello, this is probably the longest I've gone without blogging- the last time I wrote anything, I was still jetting around Europe and busy trying to not to miss flights. Isn't that crazy?? These last few months have just been an insane whirlwind of traveling and packing and then coming home and interning for insane hours, but as of last Friday, I am a free woman again aka I finished interning which means I'm back to my cherished lifestyle of watching Netflix and rolling out of bed into my pool, and of course, instagramming the occasional brunch (like the one pictured below).

I haven't been doing outfit posts because I've been focusing on losing weight- it's surprising just how much weight you can put on when you eat truffle pasta for breakfast for 3 months straight (no regrets though!!!! Never regret truffle pasta. Or truffle anything, for that matter) but anyway, I haven't exactly been inclined to keep up with outfit posts while unhappy with the way I look. On the bright side, in the next month or so, I should be where I want to be in terms of how I look, and yes, how much I weigh, so definitely expect some fun back to school looks in September!

Likewise, I haven't been posting about new favorite food places because I've been trying not to eat out and pretty much making every meal at home aside from a few food dates to maintain my sanity but today, I went to the cutest brunch spot and just knew I had to write about it. The Corner is an adorable cafe in Montclair, New Jersey (yep, Jersey has amazing brunches too) and I'm already planning to head back asap to try one of their fresh pastries with a steaming latte, complete with foam art of course.

The Corner's menu has all the standard brunch favorites like avocado toast (which is what I got) and also changes things up with freshly made pan fried roasted onion dip and organic chicken liver toast. They also have truffled deviled eggs and since I'm a sucker for anything truffled, I ordered them. I've also been meaning to try deviled eggs for the longest time so it was a solid choice.

First of all, the service here is PHENOMENAL. Maybe I've just gotten used to the admittedly shoddy service rampant across the pond, but oh my god, every server was so friendly and quick to offer suggestions or to check in to see how our meal was going. Bad service definitely ruins even the most delicious meal so I loved how incredibly nice everyone was at The Corner. The atmosphere is super lively without being overwhelming- it's definitely a super popular eatery and I can see it getting insanely packed on weekends, but for a Wednesday brunch, it was perfect. I reaaalllllly like it when I don't have to wait for a table.

And of course, I wouldn't be writing about this place if the food wasn't amazing. I always enjoy an avocado toast and this was no exception- they also know how to poach eggs perfectly which I appreciated since an overdone poached eggs is nothing if not disappointing.

My sister got The Corner Burger, which comes with a delicious mountain of crispy shoe string fries seasoned with rosemary as well as with other tasty things, I'm sure. Those fries were heavenly. My dream is to devour a bucket of them and wash them down with the refreshing homemade soda they also serve at The Corner.

I had the strawberry rosemary soda and my sister ordered the pressed lemon soda. I really liked the strawberry rosemary- I was hesitant about it because of the rosemary but it tasted yummy without being sickly sweet. I thought the lemon soda could've been sweeter but I've also got an insane sweet tooth when it comes to drinks so I'm definitely biased.

Oh, and another reason this place is the cutest thing ever???? THEY BAKE FRESH COOKIES EVERY DAY AT 2:30!!! 2:30 cookies are an official item on the menu!! We ordered two of them, not knowing they would be HUGE (we managed to eat half and took the rest to go) and holy, those are some damn good cookies. They remind me of the ones from Levain in New York, which are widely considered to be the best cookies in the city. They're about the size of a fist and incredibly fluffy- the outside is perfectly cooked while in the inside is still softly melting into chocolatey gooey goodness. I can't wait to finish eating mine later.

Basically, The Corner has all the pros of a NYC brunch spot: amazing food, perfect presentation, killer lighting, and none of the cons: overcrowded, tiny, busy. The staff is insanely friendly and the food is so so so fresh and good. The vibes are great (they even have a pink neon sign that says good vibes only) and I can't wait to eat at The Corner again!